Aims and field of research publications
Aims of the journal:
Athar Al-Rafedain journal is a scientific journal monitored by experts, aiming to publish the latest scientific research in various archaeological and cultural specializations, ancient languages and cuneiform writings, and Historical and cultural studies, with the aim of serving researchers and graduate students, and presenting their scientific products in the field of ancient archaeological and historical research.
Fields of research publications in Athar Al-Rafedain journal 
Athar Al-Rafedain journal is concerned with publishing original researches and reviewing archaeological studies and reports of archaeological excavations. It is an easy-access journal for published researches, and it is available to publish research in it for all specialists in the field of archaeological studies, whether academic or archaeologists who work in the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage as well as specializations related to archaeology, especially in the specialties of:
Ancient Archaeology and  Islamic Archaeology .
Ancient languages with their dialects and comparative studies.
Cuneiform Inscriptions and ancient lines.
Historical and cultural studies
Archaeological geology.
Archaeological survey techniques.
Anthropological studies.
Conservation and restoration.