About the Journal :
Athar Al-Rafedain Journal is a trusted scientific journal that examines the monuments of Iraq and the ancient Near East, as well as ancient languages with their dialects and comparative studies, as well as cuneiform writings and ancient fonts, and it is also concerned with ancient history and ancient civilizations, this journal is issued twice a year by the College of Archaeology, University of Mosul, Mosul - Iraq since 2012. The (turn it in) program is used to prevent plagiarism and to ensure the authenticity of the research. It also uses the double-blind evaluating review system to ensure the quality of publications. Athar Al-Rafedain journal publishes  original researches and reviewing researches, and the analysis of cuneiform texts and reports of archaeological excavations, it is one of the Iraqi journals that are known internationally, regionally and locally. The fees for publishing a research in Athar Al-Rafedain journal are (100,000) one hundred thousand Iraqi dinars only. Athar Al-Rafedain journal does not receive any financial support from governmental or non-governmental organizations, and it depends on self-funding.