Keywords : revolutions

Conspiracies and revolutions against the Assyrian state

Ali Yassen Aljuboori

Athar Alrafedain, 2013, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 41-64
DOI: 10.33899/athar.2013.76816

The Assyrian state, represented by its kings, faced many internal and external conspiracies. Indeed, on the internal level, we find that these conspiracies did not succeed except with the participation of one of the king’s sons or brothers (Tukulti Ninurta I, Shalmaneser III, Sennacherib and Ashurbanipal), and these conspiracies are not documented by the participants. It appears in the writings of the king who eliminated it, and this can be explained by the fact that the scribes working in the king’s palace could not document such a matter for fear of participating in, in case the conspiracy did not succeed. The reason for these revolutions is the system of inheriting the throne to the eldest son, and in the absence of this right, these conspiracies occur because the person excluded from the throne is not convinced of this procedure.