Keywords : Genealogies

The History of Human Dwelling of the Earth According to Genesis

Raed Rahim Khuder

Athar Alrafedain, 2022, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 233-266
DOI: 10.33899/athar.2022.174216

What is the history of human habitation on earth in the Torah? Did the Torah specify a time for that? To answer, we say that talking about the time of the earth’s habitation is a thorny and sprawling topic, because of the multiple theories that have been put forward and discussed on this topic, whether by geologists, archaeologists, history or religions, but this research deals with (a new answer based on a new hypothesis that adopted the Book of Genesis: a major source to the hypothesis is associated with determining the time of the Prophet Ibrahim Al-Khalil, peace be upon him). Where our aim is to delve into what the predecessors neglected about the ages of the prophets mentioned in the Book of Genesis, in its two parts, the young and old ages), putting the majority of our study and its answer on what was mentioned in the Book of Genesis, the eighth edition issued by Dar Al-Mashreq in Beirut) and its parallels in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an as required by the study of indications, while fixing the observations and questions that may be raised on such a type of hypothesis, discussing them and linking them to archaeological studies, interpretations and resources specialized in the subject, a scientific interpretation (may) open a new horizon for reconsidering the biblical codes far from any ideology or theory that tries to find justifications applicable to our current era However, it does not correspond to the age of the Torah.