Keywords : magic circle

Tamarisk Tree in Light of Cuneiform References

Athar Alrafedain, 2021, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 133-160
DOI: 10.33899/athar.2021.169567

Those who observe the Mesopotamian civilization will find that this civilization has several components, foremost of which stands the diversity in many of its civilization fields, whether on the architectural, artistic or written level, as well as the richness and abundance in the entirety of its data, and perhaps a civilization extended in its roots since man inhabited the north of Mesopotamia until The Islamic ages are worthy to stand at the top of the hierarchical hierarchy of the rest of the other civilizations in terms of originality and antiquity, and this civilization was characterized by several characteristics, the most important of which is its impact on the rest of other civilizations from which multiple civilization fields have been borrowed, such as writing and the rest of other sciences. Researchers have always delved into the vocabulary of this civilization and have written many books and researches that dealt with its multiple colors and are still trying to decipher the secrets and secrets of what remained unclear from them. For the overall image of this civilization to be integrated. One of the important vocabulary of the civilization of Mesopotamia, which it is important to highlight is an important tree that the cuneiform texts dealt with great importance, namely the tamarisk tree, and through the first extrapolation of the information related to this tree, we find that it has occupied an important place in the thought and belief of the people of Mesopotamia, especially with regard to It is related to the medical aspect of it, as the cuneiform texts dealt with many benefits of this tree and entered many medicinal formulations for treating diseases at that time, in the Islamic ages, the famous doctor Ibn al-Bitar mentioned the great medicinal benefits of this tree, as it was used in many medical treatments. Through the foregoing, we find it important to shed light on this tree, the places in which it is grown, the uses mentioned in the cuneiform texts, and everything related to it, depending mainly on the various information contained in the ancient cuneiform writings about this tree.