Keywords : Hanabila

The Efforts of Scientific Families in Building Schools and Teaching (Ibn Al-Jawzi Family as a Model)

Athar Alrafedain, 2021, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 187-212
DOI: 10.33899/athar.2021.169559

The scientific families are considered one of the most important part of the Islamic civilization, and its activity was in the civilizations in which it appeared. The research aims to reveal the impact of the of Ibn Al-Jawzi family on scientific life during the sixth and seventh A.H / twelfth and thirteenth centuries by highlighting the contributions of the family in the scientific aspect of teaching in the schools belonging to the Hanafi and Hanbali schools of thirteen schools are distributed in Baghdad and the Levant, as well as the schools that the family members have built, There are two schools, one in Baghdad and the other in the Bilad alSham, both of which are named (Al-Jawziyya School), in addition to the role of these schools in graduating number of scientists who had a clear impact, basically on the delivered science.