Keywords : Carbonated Grains

Carbonated Grains and it's Role in Archaeological Detection during Prehistory – An Analytical Study

Athar Alrafedain, 2021, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 165-185
DOI: 10.33899/athar.2021.169558

Grains in general and Carbonated in particular, were of great importance and importance in old addition to the large nutritional value of grains for human and animals, their importance in food consumption and life and their wealth of great importance and role in food insurance growth and stability the resulting result and its role in the agricultural economy which represented one of its main pillars and elements. Grains, mainly carbonated whose remains are old periods of time, which were found in most archaeological sites in many regions of the ancient world represented an important and large source of information on disburse detection, especially in the sites for the time of the passage of the right of the date which constituted an important element of information in that period when there are no written sources. The information provided by the Carbonated grains was extremely important in identifying the archaeological sites whose remnants and remnants were found and the environments, climatic and living conditions that this information reflected on them for the researchers in the archaeological field as well as the agricultural field for botany. From this standpoint, the idea of the research, it's subject and it's main aspects came. The research included: a review and clarification of the of Carbonated grains as a source of information for prehistoric sites. The second included: a review of samples of Carbonated grains discovered in prehistoric sites and their implications. We have relied in our study of research and supported on a number of specialized sources that we deal with it's valuable information in the research with analysis and scrutiny and conclusions accordingly in accordance with what is the subject and it's content and the scientific truth on which the research is based and it's results and content.