Volume 8 (2023)
Issue 3
A special proceedings of the Third International Conference of the College of Archaeology/ University of Mosul 27th and 28th of December 2022
Volume 7 (2022)
Volume 6 (2021)
Volume 5 (2020)
Volume 4 (2019)
Volume 3 (2018)
Volume 2 (2013)
Volume 1 (2012)

ISSN:  2304-103X (Print) ISSN: 2664-2794 (online)   Editor: Professor Khalid Salim Ismael, College of archaeology, University of Mosul. Editorial Board: https://athar.mosuljournals.com/journal/editorial.board   Frequency: 2 issues per year Athar Al-Rafedain Journal (AARJ) is a trusted scientific journal that examines the monuments of Iraq and the ancient Near East, as well as ancient languages with their dialects and comparative studies, as well as cuneiform writings and ancient fonts, and it is also concerned with ancient history and...
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